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This is the Jungle Syndicate ticket page. All proceeds made through this link go straight to the Jungle Syndicate camp!  

Noise Test Croatia 2021. 

June 3-6, Jezera, island Murter. ***JUST ANNOUNCED!*** Noise Test will do another festival on the following weekend 10-14th June on the same site, bringing 2 full weekends of bass!

4 day festival celebrating the best of underground Drum&Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, Bass & Experimental music.

Noise Test concept of artists playing all their own unreleased music in full effect!

Noise London & Noise Test [est 2006]

Noise Test gives a platform to some of the most respected producers in the game to come share their WIPs [work in progress] with us.

The rules are simple – the tracks have to be yours and unreleased. This has proven to be a great way to give artists deadlines, to dig up those lost and forgotten tracks, and each time proves to be some of the most forward-thinking, inspiring music that is well on par with the biggest tracks out there, if not better!

These incredible sounds should not be allowed to lay stagnant on a computer hard drive. This is about the real artists unleashing their works, reaching the audience in a different way – and what better place than the beautiful Croatian coastline?

These events are a whole different listening experience and if you’re into Drum & Bass, Jungle, Experimental, Halftime, Dubstep, 130, deep, dark, dirty beats, or like us, have a lifelong passion for audio production, then you’re in for a treat! These artists are serious masters of their craft!

We record all our events:


Tickets £60 4x days. Includes camping. Deals available for those coming for both weekends!

*Nearest airports are Split & Zadar. Buses from both cities are available to Tisno or Sibenik which is close to Jezera, the town closest to the festival site. See map below for festival location which is a 30min walk from Jezera.

*Only LOCAL daytime tickets will be sold  at €20 per night, and these must be purchased in advance.

*Anyone with a Noise Test ‘tape’ card has guaranteed life long, free entry to all our events, which includes this festival.

*We have 100% licence to go ahead with the event. Fully Covid compliant laws and practices of the time will be in action. The event will be capped at 1,000 guests until we receive the go ahead to allow more ticket sales.

*Tickets are 100% refundable. If you cannot make it due to covid/travel reasons you can still grab a refund or opt for a +1 at the next festival of your choice. (More events announced for this Summer soon!) Message any of our social channels for more info.

*All announcements and updates will be visible here and our social channels.

*Reserve your place now!

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